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DP is very professional and sells quality gear . I will be using their for all my orders . Hope he...
Wrote a review before, Not sure why it got deleted... Lets try again! Proroid has been great so far...
I've ordered from several different sites but so far, I-Fit has been the best. Absolutely amazing.
Thanks BigBearPharma for a quality product. The sustanon is very good.
No details about effectiveness!
Colonel J
I'm more than proud on doing another review here I feel so lucky that I know I have a source so...
product effectiveness and experience Quality of the product is very good and pip is minimal. Not...
Colonel J
Product effectivenes and experience Not used Only review when you have used the gear
Colonel J
Product effectivenes and experience Every product I have seen REAL results! I'm so impressed with...
Colonel J
Hello Everyone, My original purchase was for 200ius of Hygene HGH (25 x 8iu vials).  I sent my...
Now they are telling me I have to pay them half of the original cost for them to reship my order....
So far this has been a great cycle. Currently I'm running 630mg test prop, 630mg tren a and 420...
This is a review for several compounds ordered from BB's last promo.
I am new to AAS, but I did try a few 10 mg tabs that a friend had and instantly fell in love with...
Just wanna start off by saying iFit is the best source by far ,I love the customer service and...
Naps has been the one company on here that has never let me down. Never not one problem. It's a one...
Big fella offered a bottle for free to get the oil version of the lab Zydex out to the masses and I...
long overdue alpha dbol reivew
Ifit was super professional, informative on products . He helps pretty much in every aspect of the...
I ordered a packet of cialis as as this is a first time buy from this sites and I wanted to test...
Review for my run with GUs Bold Cyp which was extremely hard for me to find after researching it so...
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